Employee experience
is everything.

Want to measure yours
and yours?

What do we mean, yours and yours?

We're all in this together. What I feel and do affects you, and vice versa. That interconnection - that's the essence of "yours and yours."

The "first yours" is personal. It's about each employee's experience - their satisfaction, engagement, and commitment. This individual aspect is crucial because it's where innovations spring from motivation. Feelings are contagious. When someone smiles, it spreads positive energy. When they frown, the tension at the office rises. Emotions and actions spread out in ripples.

This is the "second yours" - the broader picture. We shape the team culture and vice versa; some influences reach throughout the organization. When colleagues feel motivated, it rubs off and lifts you higher. When they slump, negativity drags even passionate people down. The group dynamic envelops us whether we realize it or not.

Our approach recognizes this systemic multidimensionality. We focus on nurturing engaging team dynamics while valuing each person's wellbeing and happiness. When people struggle alone, it will dampen the team spirit. Conversely, a vibrant team environment boosts everyone's morale.

So, what do you actually do?

We help you to optimize the individual and the community.

We're committed to measuring and enhancing individual and community aspects of employee experience. By understanding how individuals and teams interact, we identify ways to improve your organization's emotional and professional landscape. We aim to create an environment where successes are celebrated together and challenges are met with collective strength.

Essentially, we help forge workplaces where personal achievement and communal energy feed into each other. We believe in the contagious nature of engagement - individual emotions and attitudes significantly influence team spirit. That's the power of "Yours and Yours" - a harmonious blend of personal wellbeing and collective success.

Illustration 1.
The vision & strategy

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This picture reflects the typical starting position of an organization. Employees do not have a common understanding of the organization's vision, let alone the strategy.

step. number. one.

Assess. Audit. Advice.


Individual employee experience

Each employee evaluates only and exclusively their own experience concerning the most relevant elements of the employee experience. So it is up to them to tell us how true they feel about the statements of the vital aspects of an optimal employee experience.

Illustration 2.
Individual Employee Experience

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People are individuals. We have different education, upbringing, genes, personalities, characters, and histories. Therefore, we may have very different experiences in a similar situation.


algorithms and ai

Each individual experience is fed into our algorithms, which compare the responses given with selected peer groups. Then, this audited employee experience goes to our AI coach for further evaluation.


Advices & Job crafting tips

Our AI coach provides each respondent with personalized advice and job crafting tips and tutors the respondent on their employee experience.

step. number. two.

Aggregate. Analyze. Act.


Teams are systemic

By aggregating together the experiences of individuals at the team level, multiple social phenomena become visible. Motivation, trust, and engagement are, in their nature, socially contagious.

Illustration 3.
Teams are systemic entities

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Teams, like employees, are different from one another. This needs to be taken into account in development activities. Teams A, B, C, and D each require their own set of tools to develop.


every team is unique

Teams are unique, with their own strengths and weaknesses. In addition, teams require optimal conditions to function as they are designed to function. This is the role of the organization to provide.


Plan is nothing without the action

Once everyone better understands their own experience and what they can do to it themselves, and there is a mutual understanding of the collective situation, it's time for action. If nothing changes at the level of doing, nothing changes.

step. number. three.

Rinse. Repeat.

Rinse & Repeat

Once, twice, many times

Once you know where you are and where you want to be, you can build a plan to get you there. But along the way, you will face challenges, surprises, and even setbacks, so repeat the process often enough.

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From A...

Illustration 3.
To infinity and beyond

Systemic team development will continue indefinitely. That's what makes it so fascinating. Tomorrow, you can be better than you were today. You can learn from yesterday. Remember to enjoy the voyage.

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...to XYZ.

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